Thursday, July 8, 2010

A very strange day

Today we got information as to what specific projects we are going to be working on this summer, and I am happy to report that I will be using Blender. My assignment is to make a Blender model of the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, which is apparently one of the longest bridges in the world. Before I get started though I have to get all the measurements and my plan is to set up some sort of scale between miles on the bridge and the background squares on Blender. Another milestone Nina has set before me is making a tutorial based on someone else's work. While I don't fully understand the task yet I am trying my best to unravel its mystery. It wont be easy but I always did love a challenge. ^^ There was also another challenge this afternoon which came to my in the form of my computer going nuts. This is where things got strange.

After restarting the computer and trying to get an official desktop which would allow my files to follow me anywhere on campus, then making one manually when nothing happened, everything got weird; I couldn't delete anything without 'admin permission' which was then denied once an actual admin came to help me, then I could not open the notes i had saved as a simple word document because apparently the application 'did not exist', and finally the new folders I was trying to create turned into random files that even stumped the IT people for a while. Every time I right clicked to make a new untitled folder a different file came instead. This continued to the point where I had 47 unknown and unusable files on my desktop. The bizarre thing was that when they file names were called up by the Unix command prompt, they all showed with the name 'unknown folder' followed by a number (a normal occurrence when you have multiple files with the same name). Finally though my computer was cured and I could resume work. What was learned today? ALWAYS LET THE COMPUTER MAKE ITS OWN DESKTOP!