Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun Day

Today we took a small field-trip out to JML Optical to get an inside look at the inner workings of their production line. Overall I found the tour interesting, and it intrigued me how they could actually put coatings on the glass to make them clearer. Doesn't adding anything to an object make it less light-permiable? Besides that though we saw how each piece of glass is polished, how it is assembled, and such. I would hate to be one of the workers there who works on a lens for weeks and then finds there is a single particle of dust in it, then the entire process has to start all over until it can be corrected. All in all an interesting few hours. Lunch at the sub shop afterwards wasn't bad either. ^^ To finish off this fun day, at about 4pm all us interns went out and played volleyball in the grass just outside the building. It got pretty intense towards the end to. What was learned today? PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS!