Friday, July 23, 2010

Rain, and lots of it

Just like Wednesday it started POURING today. It wouldn't have been that bad though, had Nina not given Sean and I the task of trying to calibrate a few of her GPSs. We couldn't find signal anywhere so she told us go go outside to Sean's car and try it there. So we run out, first going under the building people use to wait for buses, but there was a puddle of water at least two inches deep covering the entire floor. Finally we bolt across the parking lot, a tiny umbrella the only thing to keep us both even semi dry, get into his car, and set the GPSs by the window so it can hopefully get some sort of signal. "To few satellites found." We ran all that way and got completely drenched for nothing! My shoes still arnt dry. After that little adventure we set more stuff up for the collect. I copied about 300 pages worth of maps and charts for the different research teams and then helped Sean attach pens to clipboards. What was learned today? TGIF!