Monday, July 26, 2010

So very very tired

Even though the entire collect didn't happen as planned, WASP still flew today for the experiments that needed it. After an 8am meeting with all the research groups I helped Nina and Rolando haul everything out to H Lot and we began setting up tarps. A few of the other non-RS interns came to help, which was good. After setting up and sitting in the lot as the plane made its runs it was time for the asd measurements to be taken. Starting around 1pm it took us till around 2:30 to get the data we needed, and we still haven't gotten it all. When all the other interns left I stayed and continued helping Nina for at least another hour if not more. The second half of the collect is probably going to be done tomorrow. And of the 10+ targets we collected data for we may need to do any number of them again, and then more. I am so tired right now!